About Us


Our Story

American Drilling is a family owned and operated business. The Poskey family moved from Florida to Alabaster to seek a family friendly community to start a business and raise children. In 1981, American Drilling opened its doors for business and has continued to grow since then.

The mission of American Drilling is to provide quality Service. The mines and quarries in Alabaster have provided the perfect arena for the company to grow.  As the business increased, the opportunity presented itself for crane service. American Drilling used their cranes to provide service in the mines and the Crane Division was formed.

What began as a few lifts has evolved into a full time crane service. With a wide variety of crane sizes, the Crane Division continues to maintain its mining customers. Outside of the mining industry, the focus is on the HVAC and Refrigeration Industries. The leadership of the company recognized the need to provide this industry as a “One Stop Shop.” Other crane companies seemed to focus on “larger” lifts and scheduled the HVAC contractor for a “slower” day.

Through the ups and downs of mining and the slow times of the HVAC season, American Drilling and American Drilling Crane Division has remained true to its motto. Which is to provide quality service for less.

What We Offer

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We Understand Requirements

American Drilling Crane Division provides the HVAC Industry a Alabama State Licensed Class. OSHA requires that all signal persons be “qualified” by a “qualified evaluator”. Let our qualified evaluators come to your next safety meeting. We will provide the books, testing and other materials needed to meet OSHA requirements.

We Work Precisely ​

At American Crane Division, safety, trust, and on-time delivery are at the core of everything we do.

We Deliver Best Service

American Crane Division boasts expertise in various fields of action, ensuring seamless operations across diverse industries. Our skilled team is well-trained and experienced, guaranteeing smooth and successful operations, no matter the complexity of the job.

We Provide the Best Crane Service

30 Years serving Birmingham and other cities in Alabama.

Our area of service include the Birmingham Metro, Shelby County and Chilton County areas. We now provide service to the Montgomery Metro.